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Aagha Ali releases video of yet another Beautiful song

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Actor turned singer Aagha Ali is all set to conquer hearts with yet another mesmerising and beautiful single, Aaj Bhi.
He has composed the song too. Aagha shared the news about the song on his social media account.
While talking about the song, the actor/singer said that it’s a song that is very close to his heart.
“It’s very close to my heart and I think it is so far the best of lyrics written by me,” Aagha said, revealing that Aaj Bhi has been composed for a show on YouTube called Kalakar Sessions.

The captivating lyrics and the bewitching vocals of Aagha will have you hooked.
The video of the song was released on January 20. The song has been produced by Qasim Azhar.
In May 2019, Aagha had released his song ‘Main Haara’. The song centered around heartbreaks in relationships.

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