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Good News for Citizens of Islamabad Now Chairlift on Margalla Hills

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Chairlift may start on Islamabad Margalla Hills.The wildlife ministry is considering installing a chairlift for tourists. The benefits of this will be twofold, according to the ministry: people will be able to visit the area and get a great view, and they’ll stop using so many cars.
Environmental experts have also endorsed this idea. Everyday, 5,000 cars cross the foothills of the Margalla. Officials want to protect the hills and Islamabad’s national parks.

Dr Aneesur Rehman, chairperson of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board, said they hope to install a chairlift here, so that people stop using the road. People who want to see the Margalla National Park will get a better view too, he said.
As part of the proposal, a special bus service for tourists will be started ahead of Daman-e-Koh.

The ministry still needs to make a decision about how the National Park employees will get to the park. It will be made after discussing it with them.

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