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Trump says Huawei is a security risk as NATO seeks secure 5G

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U.S. President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Chinese telecommunication firm Huawei was a security risk after NATO said it needed secure next-generation 5G technology.
In what some have compared to the Cold War arms race, the United States is worried that 5G dominance would give any global competitor such as China an advantage Washington is not ready to accept.
“I do think it’s a security risk, it’s a security danger,” Trump said.
“And I spoke to Italy and they look like they are not going to go forward with that. I spoke to other countries, they are not going to go forward. Everybody I’ve spoken to is not going to go forward,” Trump said.
NATO leaders said on Wednesday that it needed secure 5G communications.
“NATO and Allies, within their respective authority, are committed to ensuring the security of our communications, including 5G, recognizing the need to rely on secure and resilient systems,” NATO said in a summit declaration.
“We have declared space an operational domain for NATO, recognizing its importance in keeping us safe and tackling security challenges, while upholding international law.”

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